Spark View (RDP)

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Spark Gateway: *default port is 80 if it's not specified (ip:port).
GeneralDisplayLocal ProgramsAdvancedMulti-Monitor
Enter the name of the remote computer. Open or drag a .rdp file
User Name
Connect to console session
Enter the size of your remote desktop:
Color depth
Disable remote cursor
Time Zone
Remote audio playback Quality
Remote audio recording
Choose the devices and resources that you want to use in remote session.
ClipboardEnable (Copy text, image, html between local and remote)
Printer Enable; Name Text Only (Receipt, Label printers)
DrivesUploading/Downloading files. (Drag files to your screen after connected).
Shared Drive Name:
CameraEnable Camera
Smart Card Enable Smart Card Smart Card Sign-in
ScannerEnable Scanner
Start the following program on connection:
  Program path and file name   
  Start in following folder   

  Exe or file   

Desktop background
Font smoothing
Desktop composition
Show window contents while dragging
Menu and window animation
Visual styles
Persistent bitmap caching

RemoteFX(32 bit color and lan only)
Session Recording
RDP6.1 decompression
Load Balancing: 
Hyper-V VM ID: Connecting to Hyper-V console, default listening port of Hyper-V console is 2179
Computer Name: 
You need a browser window for every monitor.
1. Please open another window for another monitor
2. Repeat step 1 if you have more monitors
3. Make this window full screen (F11 or Command+Shift+F)
4. Enter your credentials and Connect
Open in existing window
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Connected to:  
Session id:
Join mode:
Leave joined sessions open when close
Join this session with following link:
Leave session on and reconnect to it from other devices.
Keyboard shortcuts

Spark Gateway Agent

Smart card or scanner redirection needs an agent (native application) running on your computer to acees the local hardware. Please:
  - Download and install the agent.
The browser will run the agent automatically.
Please install Google or Microsoft Authenticator on your mobile device.
Scan the QR code to add an account (Other account for Microsoft Authenticator):
Please enter the two-factor authentication code
Open USB

Use the local driver (Server must have this driver installed)
Use 'Generic / Text Only' driver (Good for POS printer)
Use a auto-selected existing driver in server (may not work as expected)

Set as default